Update #3 Began Production on Bonney Butte Film.

Just wanted to let you guys know we have begun shooting parts of the Hawk Trapping film up at Bonney Butte.  It's not been easy finding time to get away and shoot these personal projects.

To be honest things with Antioch and the Kilns are not as running as smoothly as I had hoped.  So I find myself doing a lot of work for them, which isn't leaving me much time to make these projects that I want to make...

I am trying to figure out some other possibilities, like maybe trying a gofund campaign or something.  Just trying to get it to the point where I could say no to some of the work I have to do now in order to work on these personal projects.  Let me know if you have any ideas.

For now here are a couple frames of footage I got last week at Bonney Butte.

Nathan GerhardtComment