Update #4

Hey all, just wanted to keep you posted as to the goings on with all this stuff.

I am currently writing this from down in LA where myself and my friend Kyle will be crossing over the boarder into Mexico tomorrow to shoot a promo video for an organization that is trying to help orphanages in Mexico through the Tortilla Chip industry.  

I agreed to come along to help them with the video.  It's not a paying gig, Kyle took care of my plane ticket, and I jumped on the chance to get out of central Oregon however briefly.  Prayer's would be much appreciated, as this is going to be an interesting experience as far as what the team going down there looks like, and all the details are still floating around in the air in terms of what we are actually going to try to capture for this video.

In other news, we haven't been able to get up to Bonney Butte to do any filming for that project in the last couple of weeks because there was a road closure due to fire.  They finally re-opened the road this week, but it won't be until Friday next week after work that I will be able to get up there to film again.  The season up there is coming to an end soon, so we are really hoping for some good weather next week so we can get the last couple of shots we need.  If it doesn't wok out, we may not be able to get what we need for the film this year.  Which would be really unfortunate.  But it has been a challenge, with Kilns and Antioch work, and it hasn't worked out as well as I had hoped it would.  I've had a lot of frustrations coming out of both gigs, and I really feel like come January I need to step away from both jobs.  Not sure what I am going to do instead yet, but it has become really clear to me that I can't keep on existing like this.

Our hope is that a couple more gigs would fall into place between now and then so that I could leave those jobs but still be making enough to live and keep working on these films.  The alternative is that we save what we can and try to go a couple of months with just working on personal projects and pushing the brand as much as possible.

Anyway, that's what's going on currently.  I'll give you all another update sometime next week to let you know how Mexico went.  

As always thank you so much for your love and support.



Update #3 Began Production on Bonney Butte Film.

Just wanted to let you guys know we have begun shooting parts of the Hawk Trapping film up at Bonney Butte.  It's not been easy finding time to get away and shoot these personal projects.

To be honest things with Antioch and the Kilns are not as running as smoothly as I had hoped.  So I find myself doing a lot of work for them, which isn't leaving me much time to make these projects that I want to make...

I am trying to figure out some other possibilities, like maybe trying a gofund campaign or something.  Just trying to get it to the point where I could say no to some of the work I have to do now in order to work on these personal projects.  Let me know if you have any ideas.

For now here are a couple frames of footage I got last week at Bonney Butte.

Update #1

Hey all!  

Welcome to the first official post in this project update blog...  The crazy thing is, that because of you guys this is actually happening and we are already starting to move forward with the first video projects!  I can't thank you enough for your love and support and what that is allowing me to do.  Thank you!

So the first thing to mention is we have made a slight amendment to the scheduled release of the Why We Create video, there is a good reason for this which I will get to in just as second...  The new release date for that film will be November first along with Boney Hawk Trapping film.

The reason for pushing that release date back is that another project came up in the last week.  And this project worked out perfectly because the timing came about when Nuka's brother / my good friend Kesh was visiting Oregon from Texas.  I don't want to give to much away, but Kesh's talents would be put to good use in this new film project.  So we dropped everything and headed down to the desert in south eastern Oregon to shoot this film. 

I am currently finishing the edit of the video this week, and will be releasing it on the internet by the end of the week.  With a detailed blog post and behind the scenes video soon to follow.

Here are a couple of pics from the trip! 


Alex, Tayler, Kesh.

The Alvord Desert with the Steens Mountains in the distance.

Stay Tuned!


- Nate