Recent Photos.

The last month or so has been absolutely crazy for our little family.  Just as we were starting to get settled into the swing of being new parents and actually getting a little more sleep, we got hit by the worst flu virus we've ever really experienced.  I had it for two weeks, and am just now starting to feel like I have a tiny bit of energy in me...  

Here are some moments from the last month or so...  Hoping to get my feet back under me in the coming weeks.

Bobby and Penny on a quick trip to Portland.

Trying our hands at roasting, i'd give our first batch a b+...


Celestine doing what she does best, being cute!

Jasper in the snow...

Hanging with the Canadians.  Alex (back) Josh and Jade.


Kelly coming so close to sending Darkness at noon.

Bobby and Kesh

The Dad life


Nuka on her Birthday

Jasper taking flight.

Male Spotted owl

Bobby on the way to Portland