Mt Thielson

My wife and I have been back in Bend for almost a month now, and are finally starting to feel like we are settling in again.  

It's been amazing getting to be back in close proximity to so many of our close friends.  Having a solid community around us is such a blessing, it's something you don't fully appreciate until you're removed from it. 

Although this month has been absolutely crazy with moving, settling in, and working on different projects, I've been fortunate enough to get out and go on a few adventures already.

Last weekend a bunch of us ended up climbing Mt Thielson, down in semi southern Oregon.  It was a blast getting to climb that mountain (which I had done once before) and get to share the experience with a great group of friends.   

We spent Friday night camping at Diamond lake before waking up the next morning and heading for the mountain.  

Jazmin grew up going camping with her parents at Diamond lake every year, and had always wanted to climb Mt Thielson.  It was so cool to get to see her make one of her life dreams a reality!

Shameless Summit Selfie!

All in all it was a great trip.  Wonderful September weather, and just a great way to start our time back in Bend.

Nathan GerhardtComment