All Things Reconciled Film




All Things Reconciled is film project I put together for the conference under the same name.  Hosted By Kilns College and A Rocha.  It was a great honor to work on this project, and I hope it contributes in some small way to the greater conversation.

The footage in the film is about 30 percent stuff I went out and shot exclusively with this project in mind.  And the other 70 Percent are all clips from my travels collected over the last 3 or so years...  In the end I think this film contains footage taken in 7 different countries on 4 different continents.

A big shout out to my friends who worked so hard to make this project a reality.  

Miles Albritton for stepping in to use his great looks and voice as the VO artist.

Jazmine Miller for traveling around most of the state of Oregon, Northern California, and even Nicaragua!  For being so encouraging, and for allowing me to film her, as well as jumping in and rocking the field audio technician!

Kyle Meck for being so supportive and such a good model!

Jasper Gerhardt who helped shoot the interview.



Direction, cinematography, and editing, by Nate Gerhardt

Music by, Ryan Taubert via The Music Bed.

VO artist, Miles Albritton. 

Actors, Kyle Meck, Jazmin Miller, Taylor Main, Alex Hardin.

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