Bonnie Butte

My good friend Kyle and I went down to Madras for the weekend to go do some hawk trapping with my family up at Bonnie Butte.  Trapping and banding migrating hawks in the fall has been something I've been doing with my dad for the last 15 years.  As I've gotten older, life has gotten busier and it's become increasingly difficult in recent years to get away from everything and get some good trapping days in.  Kyle and I had been itching to go for a while, and so even though the weather wasn't particularly ideal, we jumped on the opportunity to get away for the weekend.

It ended up being a pretty slow day of trapping, only catching two birds, a Sharp-shinned hawk, and a Merlin. 

After trapping Kyle and I had been hoping to do some camping, but due to some fairly substantial rain, we ended up just taking some pics at Timothy Lake, then Jumping back in the car and retreating to civilization. 

timothy lake web smaller.jpg

We spent the night at my family's house in Madras, and had a really fun evening playing pick up soccer in the back yard, drinking cocoa and sharing stories.

The next morning Kyle and I went out to a lake near Madras, as I still needed a couple shots for my upcoming film.  We took along our canoe and had a really great morning paddling around, getting some shots, and then ending it by cooking and eating the bacon we had brought along for our camping trip.

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