The other day Nuka, Jazmin, and myself took a really quick road trip down to Northern California to check out the Redwoods.  Jazmin had never seen them before, and Nuka and I felt like we were in need of a quick get away trip so we decided to make it happen.

We were gone a total of 30 hours round trip!  Left Bend in the afternoon on Tuesday, drove down just outside of Arcata and camped, then woke up to absolutely pouring rain.  We had brought Bacon and Eggs and Coffee to make an awesome camp breakfast, but it was pretty obvious to all of us when we woke up that it just wasn't going to happen!  Instead we broke down the sopping wet camp and headed into Arcata to grab some coffee, and plan out the rest of the day.  From there on we made our way North, stopping from time to time to get out of the car walk around for a bit, then jump back in the car to thaw out.  After stopping in Crescent for Lunch, we made our way to the Jedediah Smith State Park, which none of us had ever been to, even though Nuka and I had come through the area numerous times.  It was an amazing surprise!  The rain stopped leaving an atmospheric mist hovering around the giant trees, and  I was finally able to pull out my camera and get some B-roll for an upcoming video project.  

After spending a couple hours there, we hoped back in the car and drove back to Bend with the rain pounding down the whole way home!

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